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High-viz jackets

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Here’s an interesting article about the high visibility jackets that offenders doing Unpaid Work now have to wear. It seems that the writer is making my point that we need to find out exactly how these jackets affect the offender and the community before hailing them a success, or branding them useless.

Maybe they have no effect on crime which the Napo study revealed but do they have an impact on fear of crime or feelings of injustice? If so, is that a justified reason for using them? Fear of crime tends to manifest itself as a feeling of greater insecurity when compared to the actual risk of being a victim of crime. If we can reduce the fear of crime, will we then reduce the potential for the media and politicians to exploit our late-modern feeling of insecurity? Would this in turn lead to a more accepting society due to the fact that people are less scared of crime and its perpetrators?

I’m not sure about this argument but it fits in with my general belief that we, as members of the public, should try to reclaim and then utilise some of the more punitive and restrictive ideas that governments have come up with in order to achieve something better, fairer and more just.


Written by criminologyandstuff

January 13, 2009 at 11:26 am