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Shock horror… an offender had a bit of luck!

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Another example of how ex-offenders are vilified in the media (and maybe in public opinion). The ITV gameshow has, shock horror, allowed an offender to win £1m in a game of pure luck. For some reason, the media doesn’t think that offenders, a group of people who probably have the worst luck in life, can engage in a bit of fun to win some cash.

When the show was launched in May, presenter Ant McPartlin said there would be checks in place to ensure winners were “not going to be criminals”.

At the same event, Cowell said the show was likely to feature “all types”.

Asked how show bosses would make sure there was a worthy winner, McPartlin said: “All the checks will be in place so they’re not going to be criminals.

What exactly is a ‘worthy winner?’

Moreover, as Stephen Farrall has pointed out on the new, recommended, Discovering Desistance blog,

Interestingly, the chap in question goes on to report that he is helping his family, now working and wants to use the money to start a new life. As someone who has interviewed numerous people who have stopped offending, this all sounds very familiar – albeit that few have the fortune (no pun intended) to win £1m. But again, we can’t see past a person’s past …

Why can’t we give the guy a break? He’s clearly trying to make amends and giving him the chance to legitimately win some cash to ‘start a new life’ is surely no bad thing.


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September 8, 2011 at 12:00 pm

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