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Conservatives on crime (Pt. 2)

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Point 10 of the Conservative’s pledges for ‘when’ they win power:

‘We will double magistrates’ sentencing powers from six months to a year and make sure knife offenders can expect to go to jail. And we will get more police officers on the street by slashing paperwork, including the stop and account form’

The Conservatives are also holding events in which:

[Grayling and Grieve walked] us through pressing social affairs in the manner of Richard and Judy. They perched on soft seats, and welcomed community workers and general good eggs to shed light on the causes of crime. They discussed how drugs were a symptom of deeper problems, and heard impassioned calls for youth centres to keep kids off the street. Then they welcomed a former gang member, Junior Smart, who had once served several years for drug dealing. He made a case for cutting the numbers stuck inside costly jails, and then investing the savings in keeping troubled young men on the straight and narrow.

This seems to be a prime example of this:

‘‘Stealth’ penal reforms, in which punitive rhetoric is employed by politicians to divert attention away from more progressive policies pursued quietly on the sly, …tend to legitimize and regenerate only punitive ideational resources for public consumption’ (Green 2009)

I wonder what the Tories are going to replace the Stop and Account form with…


Green, David A. 2009. “Feeding Wolves: Punitiveness and Culture.” European Journal of Criminology 6:517-536. Available online at:


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