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Conservatives on crime

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I’ve  been waiting to hear what the Conservatives have to say about crime at their conference. It’s been fairly disappointing so far- partly because they haven’t really said very much and partly because what they have said, has been utter trite. The policy on giving the police powers to name (and shame) offenders in the community seems absurd: firstly because this already exists- haven’t you ever seen the name and picture of a criminal in the newspaper, Mr Cameron? And secondly, because I’m not really sure what it is meant to achieve- okay, if someone is dangerous then it may encourage a potential victim to cross the street when they see them to avoid getting hurt- but if they present such danger then shouldn’t they be in prison/hospital? I imagine the Tories are thinking of the petty shoplifter and burglar- what is this going to achieve? Let’s just assume that the offender wants to get a job in a warehouse- they shouldn’t have to disclose their convictions (unless they are asked and they are unspent) but if the interviewer happened to see the poster of this person that morning on their way to work is that giving the offender, who wants to go straight, a fair chance? I don’t think so- it just seems to be another way of punishing people- of extending punishment beyond the prison walls or beyond the reach of the probation service who is responsible for punishing them in the community. It also gives the police the power to punish when this is the job of the courts, prisons and probation.

Let’s see if they come up with anything better before the conference ends.


Written by criminologyandstuff

October 7, 2009 at 12:43 pm

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