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Cumbrian probation service

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How enlightening to see a positive article about the Probation Service in the local press (News & Star). (Unlike this from the Medway Times: ‘Pathetic! Bring back hi-vis vests and stop protecting criminals‘).

It is interesting that the new Chief of Cymbria’s probation service lists the probation priorities thus:

“It is about public protection and rehabilitation of the offender. You can’t do one without another.”

No mention of punishment I see which is odd considering Unpaid Work

‘amounts to 100,000 unpaid hours in Cumbria a year. It is good work, useful to the community and makes sure people undertake proper punishment while learning new skills’.

Despite this slight inconsistency, I just want to say well done News and Star for providing people with an insight into the work of the probation service.


Written by criminologyandstuff

January 14, 2009 at 12:22 pm

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