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Sarah’s law

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I am very pleased to see that the Home Office has denied that Sarah’s law will be introduced in the UK: Review says no to UK Megan’s Law

I am sure that this would only lead to vigilantism and more importantly, registered sex offenders going underground.

I recently read an article by Richard Tewkesbury in Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice vol. 21 entitled Collateral Consequences of Sex Offender Registration. His research showed that ‘social stigmatization, loss of relationships, employment, and housing, and both verbal and physical assaults are experienced by a significant minority of registered sex offenders. ‘

If his research is anywhere near accurate then surely this way of treating sex offenders can do nothing but harm to the offender both psychologically and physically as well as hampering any attempts at rehabilitation made by the individual concerned and any agencies working with them.

Thank God we’ve got Barnado’s and other children’s charities as well as a strong probation service who stand up for the rights of the offender in the knowledge that reducing the rights of the offender will not necessarily increase the rights, or safety, of the (potential) victim. Indeed, reducing the rights of the offender may do exactly the opposite and increase the safety of victim.


Written by criminologyandstuff

April 11, 2007 at 2:08 pm

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  1. Great work.


    November 11, 2008 at 2:57 pm

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