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the moral panic

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it appears that the media fuelled moral panic about violent crime is continuing. as i type, the bbc website is giving us breaking news about another young person who has been shot. it has happened just a few streets away from where adam regis was killed recently.i do wonder whether violent crime is really on the rise or whether it is just the hot topic of the moment.

regardless of this, what strikes me is the lack of rational reasoning around it. the tories say that it’s just a case of absent fathers, new labour say that more people should be be locked up. neither of these seem to be the answer. at a recent lecture given by dr vincent cable i asked a question regarding this. he was considerably more insightful than either cameron or blair have been, highlighting gangs and drugs as crucial factors. he stopped short of calling for the decriminalisation of drugs (because he is a prohbitionist at heart) but did go for enough to suggest that the idea was a vague posibilty if the lib dems ever were in power.

whether this would be the answer or not, i don’t know but.. it would certainly, in an instant, reduce the need for many people to shoot eachother. i firmly believe that most shootings that occur in this country go unnoticed because they are black, young males who are involved. as soon as a middle-class person gets injured (by being stabbed or shot) it hits the headlines.

this is my first post, its a bit all over the place but hopefully i’ll get better!


Written by criminologyandstuff

April 9, 2007 at 9:01 pm

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